Hello. My name is STUART GLAND and i am an Artist working at the implement of courage (New York City). My work speaks in Loud volume about the topic of immunity, and how speakworld brings further ghosts to the decay room. this is natural and i am sorry for being honest.

Colour in the Way My dad broke in because he said that there was colour in the way. So he sat down and asked me “When will I come back” so I told him that honestly i dont think i ever will. He smiled and brought out a torch. the lights were off so it was actually quite good for him to have the torch. he turned it on and waved it around a bit at the wall, revealing the patches of gluck that had started to appear recently. he was trying to say something about them with this gesture but i didnt get it so i just said That torch is a good idea you know. He sighed and i reassured him that everything would be okay. He seemed to have thoughts of great weight truggling in his brain ploughing through leaving tracks as they pushed through, and this worried me because i knew that it must be very uncomfortable but he was not talking about it to me, which meant that he had been talking about it to someone else instead. Who have you been talking to Dad i says and he lied to me: No one Jam, no one i promise. but his deep smile was cracking like a paper mask and so i told him to fucking stop lying but he still smiled with cracks and i felt sick. He tried to wave my attention from this to the wall again but i smaxked the torch out of his wet hands and told him to look at me and stop smiling but all he did was smile more paper falling out of his clown eyes falling out with a stupid smile that even he knew was fucked up. You know ive been communicating with someone so just tell me you know that im lying because i cant be dealing with this he said. This really boiled my bag so i thrust myself out of my velvet seat and walked to the wall and Dad used the torch to track my position, and also to show me that he was stil watching me and still engaging me in a conversation. i stood facing the wall because i could not bare to see his crack face any more with the stuff underneath being there glinting through the cracks in his face. i somehow accidentally ended up face to face with a patch of red gluck and so i put my finger in it to comfort my shooting senses, swirling my finger through it to create swirly rusty spirals which span slowly like a galaxy